About us

The meaning of Sivana ( Pronounced siv-ah'-na) is derived from a Tibetan word translated as "Oasis of enlightenment". It is a place of peace, calm and wisdom.

We believe that Bitcoin is the enlightenment that the world needs and hence our name. In our view, Bitcoin is the oasis that is needed for the unbanked masses in the midst of a chaotic world of booms and busts created by fiat currencies. The unbanked masses can have peace of mind knowing that their hard-earned dollars are not stolen away in the form inflation in their respective fiat currencies. Vast majority of the world’s unbanked masses currently live under regimes that want to confiscate hard-earned money of the poor and destitute people. Millions of innocent people who only wish to build and live peaceful lives are still trapped under oppressive regimes in Venezuela, North Korea, Syria, and Iran, to name a few. And historically, a life free from oppression is the exception, not the norm. What makes Bitcoin so useful is that it provides a new way for the oppressed to flee their homes, without having to surrender their entire life savings. It allows immigrant workers to easily and securely send back money to their families abroad, and allows refugees all over the world to take their assets with them regardless of where they go and what they need to tackle on their way. These are major innovations which will have profound, long lasting implications on the human condition. Bitcoin is an intangible currency with globally recognized value and convenient to carry it with you.

Bitcoin’s monetary policy is only governed by mathematics and no central authority. Bitcoin is a decentralized, transparent, permissionless with a well-defined and restricted monetary supply curve that cannot be tampered by anyone. Bitcoin is a protocol for exchanging value over internet. The protocol is designed in such a way that the total number of coins are limited to 21 million. This keeps the supply of the currency in check and unbanked masses cannot lose their money from the insidious tax of Inflation imposed by all fiat currencies. Bitcoin facilitates transfer of money to anyone in the world anytime for any amount (as small as 1 Satoshi). The unbanked masses can sleep well at night having their hard-earned money guarded securely in the unassailable laws of mathematics protecting the purchasing power of their money. We sincerely believe that Bitcoin is a wise choice as a store of wealth for the unbanked masses and we aspire to serve this community at the best our abilities.

We want to make it convenient for you to use your bitcoins anytime and anywhere. Our App currently allows you to Convert your bitcoins to cash at local merchants, face-to-face, Buy products and services and pay via bitcoin at local merchants or If no local merchants are available near you, sell your bitcoins and get fiat deposits in your bank account within 2 business days. If no merchants are currently registered in your town, please contact us at hello@mysivana.com