How it Works
We want to make it convenient for you to use your bitcoins anytime and anywhere. Our App currently allows you to
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    Convert Bitcoins
    Convert your bitcoins to cash at local merchants, face-to-face
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    Buy Products
    Buy products and services and pay via bitcoin at local merchants
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    Sell Your Bitcoins
    If no local merchants are available near you, sell your bitcoins and get fiat deposits in your bank account within 2 business days. If no merchants are currently registered in your town, please contact us at
Download the MySivana app from Google Playstore. Apple fans, the ios version is under development.
Sign Up
Enter minimum details to get started. A simple 2-factor authentication to verify your phone number
Open your BTC wallet and pay the merchant in one click. Voila! You finished your shopping and got your cash and now onto your next adventure!
Shop at merchants
Go to the local merchants who are part of MySivana network and shop for your favorite products or services. If you are not in the mood for shopping simply pick up cash.
About Us
The meaning of Sivana (Pronounced siv-ah'-na) is derived from a Tibetan word translated as "Oasis of enlightenment". It is a place of peace,calm and wisdom.
We believe that Bitcoin is the enlightenment that the world needs and hence our name. In our view, Bitcoin is the oasis that is needed for the unbanked masses in the midst of a chaotic world of booms and busts created by fiat currencies. The unbanked masses can have peace of mind knowing that their hard-earned dollars are not stolen away in the form inflation in the in their respective fiat currencies. Vast majority of the world's unbanked masses currently live under regimes that want to confiscate hard-earned money of the poor and destitute people.
The meaning of Sivana (Pronounced siv-ah'-na) is derived from a Tibetan word translated as "Oasis of enlightenment". It is a place of peace, calm and wisdom.
What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is digital gold. It has all the good properties of gold but improves them for the digital age we live in. It is the best form of money invented by humanity.

4 basic facts that show Bitcoin is the most secure and trustable financial system that the world has ever known.No other financial system in the world can boast any single one of these facts, much less all 4 of them.

  • Every single transaction is 100% guaranteed to be completed exactly as it is specified. Every transaction. Exactly as specified.Zero exceptions.
  • No other person, government, or legal entity can access your funds. Access is available only to an individual who has the exact and unhackable cryptographic key.
  • The system is available 24/7/365 via thousands of global, decentralized, independent, redundant computer systems. Downtime is impossible.
  • The total number of coins in the money supply is fixed to exactly 21 million coins thereby preserving the value of the currency
How can I obtain bitcoin ?
You can buy bitcoin using site or mine them if you have the appropriate mining hardware
Are there any fees for using MySivana?

MySivana charges a service charge fee that is added to the BTC value deducted from your BTC payment. It is calculated as 5% of the amount which is being transferred. The 5% includes the fees which is being paid to the merchants. You are not charged any additional fees.

The service charge applicable for a transaction is shown to you so that you are always aware of the charges.

What is your bitcoin buy rate?
We use the rate as provided by the Coinbase exchange and we do not charge any spread. The bitcoin and currency amounts are displayed to you before you initiate the transaction , so that you are aware of the actual bitcoin value and exchange rate being charged.
Are there any other service fees?
No, the service charge is the only fee we charge.
How can I ensure that the merchant has delivered the cash ?
The OTP received by you should be conveyed to the merchant only after you have ensured that the merchant has handed over the correct amount of cash. The transaction is considered paid only after the merchant enters the OTP you have given in the MySivana App on his phone. You will receive an email after the successful completion of the transaction and will also see the transaction in your MySivana App transactions.
Can I purchase bitcoin using your MySivana App?
No. We do not sell bitcoins to the users. We are not an exchange.
Is there a limit on how much bitcoin I can sell?
Yes. We have a limit of INR 50,000 per transaction for cash. These limits will be revised in the future..
What are your identity verification requirements?
The receiver of the money has to show a government-issued photo-id like a driver's license or a passport that matches the receiver's name. Merchants are not required to keep any of your personal information with them. Merchant will only verify the id and give your ID back.
What are the ways in which I can receive money ?
You can receive money directly as a bank deposit or pick up from a merchant in our network. In the future, we will also facilitate delivery of cash to an address of your choice.
How can I get a refund?

If your transaction has not been paid , you can ask for refund. The original BTC value less the service charges will be returned to your bitcoin address.

Any unclaimed transactions are automatically refunded at the end of 24 hours.

Please note that the Bitcoin network charges a fee for all transactions including refunds and the amount you will receive will be net of the Bitcoin network fees

How can I join the MySivana merchant network ?
You can sign up either at the website or by downloading the app. Once you sign up, our representative will contact you to complete the paper required from you.
How can I find the nearest merchant?
You can log on to the website and locate the nearest merchant using the map. In case no merchant is within a reasonable distance, you can opt for a direct deposit into your bank account.
How soon will I receive the money?
You can withdraw at a merchant location as soon as the bitcoin payment is received by us. For bank deposits, we take 24 hours to process and send the money to your account. You will receive a notification as soon as it is done.
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The meaning of Sivana (Pronounced siv-ah'-na) is derived from a Tibetan word translated as "Oasis of enlightenment". It is a place of peace, calm and wisdom.